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Guide About different Cards in the Walking Dead: Our World

People are spending free time on mobile games, and today, youths are engaging in The Walking Dead: Our World. The game is all about attacking the zombies and gets a high amount of rewards. There are lots of characters, and the game is open for worldwide. It is free to play and handy for more things, and you can download the game by android store. In which we are using coins, gold, and XP points to get more enjoyment.  For enough amount of currency, we can go with The Walking Dead Our World Cheats, and it is a suitable tool for currency collections.

In the game, mainly three different cards are used namely weapon card, hero card, and perk cards.  They are useable for leveling up in the game. Here we are telling all about them and the importance of collecting cards.

Weapon cards

Weapon cards are good for guns, and they are used for upgrading them. You can get such a card by completing several kinds of missions and challenging tasks.

Hero cards

The cards are showing the efficiency of heroes, and you have to go with special legendary cards for it. By that, you can upgrade various powers of the heroes. With the cards, we can power up our collected heroes.

Perk cards

Perk cards are valuable for rare items, and by collecting it, we can access some locked things. Always get it for more fun, and all the cards are best for maximizing your playing abilities in the game.