How Politicians Use Media to win Elections

There are a lot of aspiring candidates who want to become politicians. However, it is not easy to impress the majority of the voters. Sometimes, they try out different mediums to connect to the voters and try to impress them in order to gain their votes. This is not always easy. More often than not, the candidates show only the positive sides to the voters and completely ignoring the dark sides during their campaigning. Many voters get blinded by it while many others follow the media. But there is no respite for the media because candidates use them for their campaigning and to win elections. Here are some of the ways in which politician use media to win elections.

TV Commercials and Print Ads

Television and print advertisements have been the traditions way to advertise their presence in times of election. The main idea of such advertisements is to sell the product and not necessarily prove the entire truth about the candidate and his campaign. This is one of the common methods utilized by the majority of the political candidates. Moreover, the media house also encourages for false over the content of the political content, even though it might be misleading or false. Clips from different new stories can be used by the candidates without any permission, even if the stories are twisted in order to imply the complete opposite of what is said originally.

One-on-one Interviews

When a reporter gets the opportunity of an exclusive interview, there is nothing more tempting for them. Some candidates will campaign such interviews so that their news coverage is guaranteed. The campaigners know that there will be a heavy promotion for the exclusive interview and they are going to be the headlines in many newspapers. That is free publicity for the candidates. There should be no questions left out. The interviewer generally looks to get enough time so that they get enough to ask all the questions which they have planned for. There is a lot of newscasts which will be looking to get the opportunity for exclusive interviews. Some news channel also has exclusive access to interview political candidates.

Social Media

In this new era of advertisements, most parties would be eagerly spending large amounts in social media presence and advertising. Sometimes it is not possible to telecast the whole interview within the stipulated time. In such cases, the reporters only telecast important information. In such cases, they tend to look forward to social media. They post and tweet to reach out to the voters. They look to connect to the voters through the online world and gain their confidence by posting about various problems because they are desperate to win. However, sometimes their tweets can stir controversies and a lot of problems.


Almost all of the voters are connected to any one form of the media. This makes media to be an important way of reaching the masses and this is what the politicians make use of.